Studies have shown that art and art-based activities have diverse positive impacts on physical health, mental well-being as well as perceived well-being, quality of life and happiness.

In the ARTHEWE project (1.9.2020-31.8.2023), five European Higher Education Institutions developed higher education related to the field of arts and health. In each partner organization, the project developed, in cooperation between the partners, study modules related to either social and health sector, well-being and health promotion or arts and culture curricula, joint degrees in these fields or other study modules.

ARTHEWE developed multiform pedagogical approaches and art-based methods in the field of arts and health as part of online and contact learning, as well as interprofessional work in the field of arts and health. The project also mapped some key competences of the professionals working in the field of arts and health, in international cooperation.

The contents of the study modules developed in the ARTHEWE project include among other things:

  • promotion of well-being and health through creative methods
  • sustainability and personal professional growth
  • meta-skills needed in working life
  • arts-based and embodied methods.

Arthewe project was funded by Erasmus+ programme. The project ended 31.8.2023.

ARTHEWE Project card.

The ARTHEWE partners were:

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland (coordinator)
Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden
University of West Attica, Greece
King’s College London, Faculty of Social Sciences & Public Policy, UK
Trinity College Dublin / Global Brain Health Institute, Ireland.