Creative Poems in Virtual Classroom



In this creative exercise we were concentrating in our hands and what do they tell us about us and our lives. What do I enjoy doing with my hands? What are my hands good at? How do my hands feel right now? We wrote to a piece of paper words (verbs) to describe these things and combined the words with some other words (adjectives) describing us as persons in different roles and with different moods and feelings and characteristics. Then we added words which described best Christmas to us, because we made the exercise in the beginning of the Christmas season. At last we combined the words and made a little poem about them to enjoy about our creativity and getting into contact with our personal memories and thoughts.

This exercise was made online with postgradute students from the Department of Public and Community Health  of the University of West Attica using MS Teams-platform. Exercise was guided by Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Here you can find a PDF-document of the texts in the video: Creativity in Classroom for Health Promotion 2021.